For Jeremy Brett Fans

I think Jeremy’s expression here is simply priceless. He looks so insulted.

Courtesy of Granada Television, Sherlock Holmes: The Solitary Cyclist


Going My Way

A few Sundays ago, well, quite a while ago now, we had a guest speaker since Pastor Chodan was away at our new youth pastor, Pastor Andrew’s ordination. He preached on Philippians 1-2:11. We were reading along when we came to verse 2 of chapter 2. The newly graduated seminary student read, “Fulfill ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind,” in his slow, deliberated way.  It suddenly hit me that what that verse was saying sounded awfully familiar. I thought about it a moment. In fact, I thought about it the whole way through the rest of the verses he read. I began to think Bing Crosby, but I didn’t really know why, and I felt very distracted. It annoyed me. I tried to pull my mind from the great old 40’s singer and back to the pastor’s sermon. But my mind would not let me. Then I got it – Going my way – that was it! The words quickly ran through my head.

This road leads to rainbowville,

Going my way.

Up ahead is bluebird hill,

Going my way.

Just pack a basket full of wishes,

And off you start,

With Sunday morning in your heart.

Round the bend you’ll see a sign,

Dreamer’s highway.

Happiness is down the line,

Going my way.

The smiles you gather will look well on you,

Oh, I hope you’re going my way too.

                So that was it then. A Bing Crosby song was in the Bible. I always knew I liked that song. I had often felt it had some bit of hidden meaning that was so not really hidden and in so obvious a place that I had gone and missed it altogether. “Fulfill ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.” That was exactly it, wasn’t it? The writer of the song and the writer of the verse were asking us to go their way, in other words, to go His way. Sure the words of the song are a bit flowery, but hey, it’s a 40’s song, give it a break. After I had worked all this out in my head I realized that I had not been paying much attention to the sermon for quite a little while. I stored my recent thoughts in a corner of my brain to be revived later and buckled down to thoroughly enjoy the sermon. I did, and when I was thinking about it that afternoon my thoughts came back to me, and, if you couldn’t tell, I’m still thinking about them now. Going my way. Hmmm… how interesting.

Happy birthday to two great actors!

I came to know and love these two gentlemen a few years ago when my mom and dad first introduced me to Star Trek. I “fell in love” with both of them right from the start!

Happy early birthday, Leonard Nimoy! (March 26th 1931, age 81)

Happy late birthday, William Shatner! (March 22nd 1931, age 81)

May God bless you both!

Clean like Basil

A little bit of motivation for all you who are doing spring cleaning this year.

We all have to admit it; spring cleaning is a lousy job, even if we do know that it must be done. So this year, when I was browsing round I found something that made me, for the first time in my life, almost want to do spring cleaning. It was page 8 in the candid photo section of the photo gallery. The page was entitled Domestic Basil: gardening, painting, doing housework, etc. I will share with you my favorites… with comments for each, of course.

I have a mortal fear of reaching into tomato plants… fear of unknown and lurking bugs and snakes, you know… now this shall be my moral support from here on. Every time I go into our garden I am going to keep this in my pocket.

In our household, I am the one who brings in the laundry from the line. Moral support again. I’m sure I’ll start holding the clothes pins in my mouth now!

Work – it’s always better to work with friends!

 I don’t know what he’s using, or what you use, but I can smell the Murphy’s Oil Soap now!

 Last year we accidentally used the wrong shade to cover up the chips in the paint. Oops! I’m sure Basil never made such mistakes!

Admit it, break time is everybody’s favorite!

We all know phone calls only come when you’re doing something important!

 I don’t know about you, but I find that split pretty impressive!

 Seeee Mom and Dad! Basil Rathbone had chickens! Although I don’t have chickens, I’ve always wanted them, and I would not need this for moral support. I still might keep it in my pocket though, for good luck or something.

 Although a posed shot, I think Basil illustrates the way most people feel when their housework is finished. It’s nice to know that he was human too… sometimes I wonder! 😀

So next time you feel down about having to do spring cleaning, check out these pictures and feel inspired!

Oh! I say!

I’ve finally started my blog! After months of asking my parents, I’ve gotten the go ahead! This blog is my chance to say things, and do I ever plan to do so… in the future… but for now, enjoy the photo, one of my greatest passions, Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes.

Right about now I feel like I’ve got the world at my fingertips!