Happy Birthday Jim Caviezel


So, sadly for me it’s only been a year since I became aware of the existence of Jim Caviezel, but I have enjoyed that year to the full, let me tell you!

He has fantastic eyes and a great smile, at least on the rare occasions that I get to see it.

At first I wasn’t the hugest fan of him, but he rubbed off on me.

Mr. Caviezel is also a devout Catholic, politically conservative, and pro-life, which also help me along with liking him.

And then of course, he is the awesome Mr. John Reese from Person of Interest, which, by the way, starts its second season tomorrow at 9 P.M.!

Happy birthday, sir!


It’s official! I’m a Hercule Poirot fan!


Some time ago I read my first Hercule Poirot novel The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, but disliked it very much due to the fact that I become quickly attached to characters,  especially narrators, and Agatha Christie had the narrator be the murderer, AND commit suicide at the end, advised by POIROT! That was all just a bit to much for me, so I decided to simply stick with David Suchet’s TV portrayal. I get less attached to characters in movies.

Then I decided to try again, and BOY! am I glad I did!

I read The Mysterious Affair at Styles and Death on the Nile and I LOVED THEM, to say the least, especially The Mysterious Affair at Styles. I’m reading Elephants can Remember right now, and I’m waiting for The Big Four to come in at the library.I CAN’T WAIT!

Anyway, I’m a hopeless Hercule Poirot fan, and not just the movies any longer!

Wahey! My joy knows no bounds!


A Sherlockian occurrence

So, we were looking for four bags of cheese, and we could only find one – we’d looked in both refrigerators and both freezers – but nothing.

My mom was asking me to help her look, but I didn’t know what to do…

I mean, moms are the ones who are supposed to swoop in and find things, not daughters!


Then I decided to take the Sherlockian approach,

and said, “Alright, let’s think about where it could be, after all, when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!”

I was quite proud of myself!

Then it struck me…

that doesn’t quite work with refrigerated items.


Ahem…*tries to regain some dignity*


moving on!

Happy Birthday Michael Emerson


Michael Emerson is 58 today!

(for some reason I can’t get it to be upright!)

I sent a fan letter to Michael Emerson last year, and I got a SIGNED PHOTO!!!!! It now claims a prominent spot on my wall in the company of my other favorite actors Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett and a few others!

No one could play Mr. Finch (from Person of Interest!) better! I love your smile, Mr. Emerson!

And the way you wield your eyebrows!

Happy birthday sir!