Basil and Bruce


Just a simple little tribute to our dear Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce!

My Holmes and Watson – magnifique!

Great both modernized and set in the original time!

Now for two little behind the scenes pictures!

How could one possibly decide between these two?

And their grand sense of humor is a nice relief from the cares of the day!

Ah, my dear chaps, if only you knew how much I care!


Fun with Basil Rathbone


Aaaand their client gets murdered again

“How dare this stupid tie get messed up, it’s making one of my awesome vibes go flat.”

It’s like Holmes is thinking… “Assert that stupid point one more time and I burn a hole through you with my eyes.”

Sherlock Holmes fails at making small talk

And now for some non-Sherlockian Rathbone.








So next time you get in trouble for rolling your eyes you can just say “But MOM! I’m just pretending to be Basil Rathbone!”

Happy Birthday David Burke!

David Burke, although not my favorite Watson, is certainly one of the best, and, next to Nigel Bruce, is the most adorable.

Best. Photo. Ever.

He deserves an award for his facial expressions aloneā€¦

…I rest my case.

He is also extremely Canon, which makes me very happy.

May God bless you on your special day!