Totally not okay after last nights POI

My emotions during:

The kissyesFusco and his kid almost dying/being put through torturealmost cryingReese saying he’d rather be with Joss at the end than with anyone elsetumblr_lz61u32bRl1qlq05hJoss and Reese getting shot with Finch looking on and Joss dying and thinking of her son with Reese cradling hertumblr_inline_mgmp9uqvgA1r8pe6hthe endDr.-Whothe promo for next weektumblr_m7wq2s5ZW81qdqxo1when I went to bedRoseCryingThis is how I currently feel towards whatever idiot wrote that episodetumblr_m4nrr6TJGY1qcw1suo1_500


Person of Interest is BACK!

Just in case you people didn’t know, PERSON OF INTEREST IS BACK!!! CBS changed the air time to 10 o’clock on Tuesdays, now, which isn’t quite as nice as it’s previous airtime, but I don’t care, I still watch it! So far (we’re two episodes in) it has been fantastic! Like, really, really fantastic!tumblr_m9zurr4CWI1ruyz4so1_r1_500Finch and Reese are being just as cute as ever…Shaw is being hilarious…Root is being creepy…Carter and Fusco are being awesome…it’s great!david-tennant-doctor-whoI’m especially looking forward to next week’s episode! Carter, Shaw and Zoe all together! POI girls UNITE!tumblr_m46jo6NFrm1qks11eAnyway, this should really be fun, and be prepared for POI posts to come. Ciao, everybody!tumblr_mjovmmH6AU1r4mt8qo2_r1_400

Punched in the Face

Seriously, I just remembered Basil Rathbone’s story about getting punched in the face because he told the guy who was supposed to fake hitting him to make it look more real! Gosh, that looks like it would hurt so bad!

holmes-basil-rathbone-oThis reminds me of what happened to Michael Emerson in LOST, when the guy who was faking the punch miscalculated and actually gave him a black eye!michael-emerson-o Would you think I was really cruel if I said I am laughing really hard right now? 😀

If you wanna see the scene where Emerson get’s punched in the face and hear what it actually sounded like, check this out




I object to you

What you did to Fusco last night – that was NOT nice!!!I don't like thatI don't think I ever did
I just…I can’t!!!! Fusco is just too sad…

boo cryAlthough, I cannot express how happy I was that Carter dug up that body to save him!yes

Oh yes, and may I mention the promo for next week…bad bad bad

Th-the Machine – off-line –whatThis is NOT ok!!!whoAnd only having two weeks left!!!!!!nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu*sobbing*

ME appreciation post

This is my post to appreciate ME… no, not me, MEmichael emersonYeah, that’s right, that ME, Michael Emerson.

The one who’s famous for playing serial killers on several shows…killerBenjamin Linus from LOST…benAnd my personal favorite and his current wonderful role, Mr. Finch from Person of Interest…dont mind meWhile he is not my very favorite actor, he is definitely in the top five.

I think my favorite thing about ME has to be his beautiful relationship with his wife, Carrie. I have only seen a few marriages as wonderful as theirs, and it is really a great thing! Not to mention that they are entirely cute together! 😀me-cp

And really, how can you not love that face? No really, please tell me I’m not only one who sees the resemblance between him and a mixed-breed puppy in the pet shop window.

huggableIf I ever meet Mr. Emerson he’d better be prepared for an…attack hugThis picture may be my favorite of him… I don’t know for sure, because I like them all, but…tumblr_mi3amryNdF1r0laizo1_1280All I can say about this is…tumblr_mjye6oVhDu1s7acrmo2_500Alright, enough of this silliness! 😀02