David Suchet on playing Poirot

I don’t care if you are a manic Poirot fan or if you’ve just watched one or two episodes along the way, but this will not be a waste of your time. Twenty minutes may seem like a long time to just sit and watch an interview, but believe me, you will leave the computer blessed. I certainly know I did.

I just want to say something to you, Mr. Suchet – Thank you, so much, for playing Poirot, for being a strong Christian, and for being my inspiration… thank you for everything. You are a blessing to me.



I. FINALLY. FOUND. IT. I’m so happy I don’t even know how to express myself!!!!!!!giphyAt long last, I’ve discovered the television series theme song that Hugh Fraser co-composed. He also played the flute and the base guitar in it as well. Listen hear and enjoy!

Also, while we are on the subject of Hugh Fraser, I found a gif set of my favorite moment of The Big Four. Pretty much the only thing they got right in the entire episode – when Hastings see’s Poirot again for the first time after thinking he was dead, Hastings give Poirot a full blown hug (and of course they added Japp and Miss Lemon grinning admiringly in the background, but I liked that.) I wish so much that the camera could have stayed on them just a little bit longer! Watch it and cry from joy, my fellow Poirot fans.

Here’s a better look at that last one 😀My Pictures