About me

I am a fan. It barely matters of what, but whatever it is, you’ll probably hear about it on this blog. I love to read, write, draw, listen to music (varied kinds) and watch movies. I also love to be with family and friends and share my joys with them.
I’m 19 and a proud Christian Sherlockian.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Oh my goodness! That awkward moment when you’re looking up pictures of Hugh Fraser and accidentally stumble upon one of the greatest blogs in the history of the world!!!! I’m sorry. You just have such an amazing blend of posts on all of these wonderful things like Jesus, Poirot, Star Trek (wait what! you’ve got McCoy!!!), and Sherlock. It’s making me giddy with excitement, you know, the prospect of reading through all of this. Sorry. I’m done. Have a fantastic day!

    • Well… wow! I admit I was never expecting anyone to say that about this little blog of mine. Actually, I have to admit I’d been considering giving up this blog since I hadn’t had anything to put on it recently, but after your comment, I’m pretty positive I am going to keep it going now. Have a fantastic day yourself! :o)

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