Happy Birthday Jeremy Brett!

(I write this a little over a year ago)

Dear Jeremy,
If I could write a letter to you,
This is what I’d say:
I’d say I really miss you,
And would have prayed for you every day.

I’d say how much I like you,
And how much to me you mean.
I’d tell you what I’d wished to do,
If I wasn’t just sixteen.

But you died before I was born,
Only a few months, though.
You went away for me to morn,
Someone I do not know.

If I could write a letter to you,
This is what I’d say:
I’d say I really miss you,
And would have prayed for you every day.

I’d tell you how much fun you are,
And how much I like your laugh.
I’d tell you, though you’re ever far,
What I’d have done on your behalf.

But you died on September 12th,
In 1995.
Yet you left us that near-endless wealth,
You, just in disguise.

If I could write a letter to you,
This is what I’d say:
I’d say I really miss you,
And would have prayed for you every day.

I’d say I’m glad I met you,
Though never face to face.
I’d tell you how I admire you,
All your gentle ease and grace.

But you died of heart failure,
Lungs scarred from your childhood flu.
A night of broken grandeur,
And a meeting between God and you.

If I could write a letter to you,
This is what I’d say:
I’d say I really miss you,
And would have prayed for you every day.

I’d tell you of the times I’ve had,
Overjoyed in your array.
I’d mention the times you’ve made me mad,
And say that it’s OK.

But you died 16 years ago,
Though you’re still with us today.
If only you could learn and know,
How much I’d like to say. happy birthday jbHappy birthday, Mr. Brett!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Okeydokey, folks, this is my Valentine’s Day post. I’m single, and I expect to be so for some time considering I’m only 17. So I’m going to write about some of my very favorite couples.

I’d say my number one has to be Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston. They have been married for 14 years now. I personally find the way Michael and Carrie act with one another so adorable. They don’t push their romance into your face like a lot of Hollywood couples do. They don’t kiss or hang on each other, they just stand there, smiling, holding hands or with their arms around each other’s waists – looking so incredibly in love. I’ll admit, off hand, I can only think of a few other couples I’ve seen who look that in love. I often wonder if it has something to do with the fact that they are an “older” couple. Sometimes I think that, yes, there is something special to young love, but I also feel maybe there’s something even more special to “old” love. No offense there, Carrie and Michael; I’m not saying you’re old, I’m just trying to make a point. 🙂Picture1

This next one is sort of in revolt to a lot of talk that’s been going around about Basil and Ouida Rathbone. Whatever people say, I can’t mistake that look in Basil’s face in this picture. Whatever people say and whatever difficulties come up, I will always believe Basil loved Ouida immensely. I say you can’t hear this quote and see his expression without believing the same thing. “. . . she has given my life purpose and, through her never-failing belief in me, I have gained confidence in myself.” I may be wrong, but from things I’ve heard Basil say, it seems to me that Ouida initially took Basil on as another project, to “fix” him after his experiences in the war. She did a very good job with it, and they fell in love in the process.brc96

Jeremy Brett and his wife Joanie had a very special, very heartbreaking relationship. When Jeremy was giving so many long hours of his life in attempt to complete his dream of filming all of the Sherlock Holmes stories, he still found time to do publicity walks and promotional runs for finding a cure for cancer, an illness his dear wife was dying from. Joanie did eventually lose her life to cancer, and Jeremy was thrown into depression and a nervous breakdown because of his loss. He was ill for some time until his son and a good friend helped him out of his illness with their support, and he continued on to try to fulfill his dream. A year or so after Joanie’s death, Jeremy found an earring, just like one she had lost shortly before her death, while walking along a peer. He said it was like she dropped it down from heaven for him. From then on he was rarely seen without the gold hoop in his left ear. This is a rather sad story, but I can only think of all the wonderfully loving things I’ve heard Jeremy say about his wife, and the few wonderful years they spent together.jeremybrett-private3

Comparatively speaking, I really know very little about David Suchet and his wife Sheila. All I can say is, it’s infinitely hilarious and adorable that he’s shorter than her (even though it is just by a little,) and in interviews David almost always mentions Sheila, and I find that very sweet. I also find this photo so adorable I couldn’t refuse posting it.suchet2-a

And now, last but not least, a very special couple to me – my brother Caleb and his girlfriend Abby. I can’t say I jumped for joy when I first realized it was happening, I mean, after all, I’m a little sister, and little sisters are protective of their big brothers. I feel much better about it now, though. All I can say is that had she better do right by him! 😉 And I think she will.caleb_and_abby_by_goodoldbaz-d5nbt3u

Happy Birthday Edward Hardwicke

To the Gentle Man

Edward, name of kings, lords, and gentry.

It means happy, or prosperous, and guard.

So perfect for you.

You were always the light of the screen,

So peacefully passive, joyful, and glad.

Your Watson was the guard of your Holmes,

You seemed the guard of your close friend, Jeremy.

I watch the screen in front of me,

You are not the one most eyes are drawn to first,

But mine are.

Your hews are so soft, your poise, so calm.

Gentle, clear, rounded,

Gorgeously you.

Your deep eyes, framed in wrinkles,

Smile wrinkles, of course.

The way your lower lip protrudes sometimes,

Your laugh, sort of husky,

Warm and distinguished,

And the crease in your forehead,

I like that too.

The gentle smile,

The gentle man.

I write this to you,


To say that I miss you, and always will.

A little bit of Brett


So, I feel like I haven’t been giving Jeremy Brett his due, recently, with all the Basil Rathbone I’ve been posting. So here’s a little bit of Brett for you all! It’s non-Holmesian, that’s for another time.

Jeremy Brett once said, “I would love to do some comedy. To make people laugh is the greatest gift of all.” I believe Brett had that gift, so I thought I’d post some pictures that prove it.

Eliza Doolittle: Here! What are you sniggering at?
Freddy Eynsford-Hill: The new small talk, you do it so awfully well.
His laugh in this scene kills me every time.

Happy Birthday David Burke!

David Burke, although not my favorite Watson, is certainly one of the best, and, next to Nigel Bruce, is the most adorable.

Best. Photo. Ever.

He deserves an award for his facial expressions alone…

…I rest my case.

He is also extremely Canon, which makes me very happy.

May God bless you on your special day!