I object to you

What you did to Fusco last night – that was NOT nice!!!I don't like thatI don't think I ever did
I just…I can’t!!!! Fusco is just too sad…

boo cryAlthough, I cannot express how happy I was that Carter dug up that body to save him!yes

Oh yes, and may I mention the promo for next week…bad bad bad

Th-the Machine – off-line –whatThis is NOT ok!!!whoAnd only having two weeks left!!!!!!nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu*sobbing*


Shylock Comparison


                Hello, everybody, today I am going to do a compare and contrast of David Suchet and Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of Shylock, in The Merchant of Venice. Well, not the entire portrayal, but simply their take on Shylock’s “human” speech.

                Here is a video clip of them both doing the speech on YouTube – .  The speeches stop at 3:43.

While they really are wildly different in portrayal, at the heart, Suchet and Stewart communicate generally the same thing – Intense emotional strain, a deep anger that vents itself, and a calculating, cold-blooded, justification of revenge.

First I will take a look at David Suchet’s portrayal, which is roughly 1 minute and 56 seconds long. Suchet’s Shylock is an utterly furious Jew with an extremely emotional plea for justice and a deep hunger for blood and revenge. His speech is very much directed to Salarino and the surrounding audience with a strong, passionate, Middle Eastern anger. There is a mingling of half disbelief at the treatment he receives form Christians and a hint of justification and cruelty, but the prevailing experience is a long time of hurt and anger boiling over in full-fledged furry. His speech is longer, drawn out, zealous and bristling with deep-seated rage.

Patrick Stewart’s speech is fairly shorter than David Suchet’s, lasting approximately 1 minute and 22 seconds. Steward’s Shylock is acidic, callous, and uptight in his cynical anger and has a sense of almost talking to himself, rather than to Salarino or his audience. He is very constrained and very British in his hatred. He seems to have a cruel anger that has been building up inside him for years and is finally spewing out like poison. I feel he does have a slight “entitlement mentality,” and seems practically insulted during the speech. There is also a hint of the comical or insane in the loud, fast, choppy way Steward spits out this bitter speech.

I believe the largest difference in the two portrayals is that Suchet’s is extremely Jewish, while Stewart’s is entirely British. Also, there is a 34-second time difference, which, because of the differences of voice speed, completely changes the tone of the speech.

I, personally, like David Suchet’s portrayal better. I find it more accurate – being that it is more Jewish I find it more real, and less like a speech in a theater somewhere. But then, of course, I am a bigger Suchet fan than I am a Stewart fan, so I may be a little biased.

Happy Birthday Ronald Howard

When most of you think of Ronald Howard you probably think of Ron Howard, Opie Taylor, or some of the famous films that Ron Howard has directed. But that’s not the man I’m talking about. I’m talking about the little-known British actor Ronald Howard, son of Leslie Howard, to whom, you can see, he bore a striking resemblance. image5image4

I know Ronald Howard best for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.tve8278-19541018-1029

Howard’s characterization is very much of its times – the 50’s. It’s amusing, funny, cute, and not very serious – but somehow, he is still in my top five of Holmes actors.tumblr_mjqxff8aLy1qhogc2o1_500

But anyway, this is my post to celebrate his birthday, may he rest in peace.


As a side note, my fellow Person of Interest fans, I would like to take half a moment to say – WHY ANOTHER 3 WEEK HIATUS!?!?!? I cannot take this again!!


Random things today!!

I couldn’t think of anything to blog about today, sooo…. I’m just blogging about a couple little random things I’ve been wanting to blog for a while. 😀

1) So I saw this gif… all I could think of was me and my big and my big brother

2) Oh, and some news for all of my fellow Sherlock fans… I’ve finally joined a ship! LESTROLLY FOREVER!! C’mon guys, welcome me!joined the ship3) My aunt and cousin said they thought that Duck Dynasty wasn’t any good….get out

Hehe… except I was in their house when they said it… 🙂

4) I watched Doctor Who for the fist time…whoa!Can I say I understand the attraction now?

5) Oh yeah, and Sherlock season 3 has been filming for some time now and the existence of Mary Mosrstan has been confirmed!!!!!clapping

6) A new episode of Person of Interest is airing this week!!


7) Did you know that if you watch too many Hercule Poirot movies you will inevitably start straightening other people’s mantles? It’s true… I do it myself… and when they catch you it’s just…awkward...

8) When I was taking the trash out today I saw the first ant of spring…3I squashed it…4

9) And last but not least, I would just like to mention again how much I adore Basil Rathbone.basil

Anyway, enough of that, I hope you all had a great Resurrection Sunday, and I pray you have a good week too!I'm out