THIS! Is so hilarious, my stomach hurts!!!! WATCH IT! I am so wasting my time but WHO CARES!?!? (My bro’s fiance showed it to him, then he showed it to me, and it is SO funny!)


Person of Interest is BACK!

Just in case you people didn’t know, PERSON OF INTEREST IS BACK!!! CBS changed the air time to 10 o’clock on Tuesdays, now, which isn’t quite as nice as it’s previous airtime, but I don’t care, I still watch it! So far (we’re two episodes in) it has been fantastic! Like, really, really fantastic!tumblr_m9zurr4CWI1ruyz4so1_r1_500Finch and Reese are being just as cute as ever…Shaw is being hilarious…Root is being creepy…Carter and Fusco are being awesome…it’s great!david-tennant-doctor-whoI’m especially looking forward to next week’s episode! Carter, Shaw and Zoe all together! POI girls UNITE!tumblr_m46jo6NFrm1qks11eAnyway, this should really be fun, and be prepared for POI posts to come. Ciao, everybody!tumblr_mjovmmH6AU1r4mt8qo2_r1_400