Person of Interest is BACK

I know it’s late (it was announced in May, I think) but I just found out that Person of Interest is back for a second season (seriously, my joy knows no bounds) on September 27th!

That’s less then a month away!

I’ve watch both previews (regular and extended), and glanced at a few pictures, but that’s it. I simply can’t wait! (By the way, why do both Finch AND Reese have bandages on their right hands in a picture!?!?)

Well anyway, we’ll find out eventually. I’ve waited this long already, I can wait 27 more days…….. I hope!


Happy Birthday Richard Greene


To me, the one and only Robin Hood, Richard Marius Joseph Greene, would have been 94 today.

Ever since I first saw him as Robin Hood many years ago, I’ve sort of “fallen in love” with him every time I see him on the screen.

His great smile…

…and the dimples!

The awesome curly hair!

His hilariously expressive eyes and eyebrows…

…that deserve two pictures!

And my perfect Robin Hood!

Happy birthday, dear sir!

My life is complete

You will never believe what awesome thing happened to me yesterday! We had gone to Roots Market, you see, and we were finishing up our trip in a pawnshop type place. I was getting bored, actually, and I was thinking of trying to round up the rest of the family so we might leave. Then my eyes were caught by the records. I don’t even have a record player, but I love records anyway, so I began to check them out – never guessing what glorious thing I would find betwixt odd albums of old bands and Elvis. I was about a third through when I nearly fell over in exhilarated shock. This is what I saw.

I felt my heart jump and I literally wavered at the sight of this! I bought this needless to say! I am sooooooo happy! I can’t wait till I go somewhere that has a record player!

Here is the back.

If you zoom in close enough you can read some really neat stuff on the back! Sorry it’s crooked.

…sigh…my life is complete…

Happy Birthday Edward Hardwicke

To the Gentle Man

Edward, name of kings, lords, and gentry.

It means happy, or prosperous, and guard.

So perfect for you.

You were always the light of the screen,

So peacefully passive, joyful, and glad.

Your Watson was the guard of your Holmes,

You seemed the guard of your close friend, Jeremy.

I watch the screen in front of me,

You are not the one most eyes are drawn to first,

But mine are.

Your hews are so soft, your poise, so calm.

Gentle, clear, rounded,

Gorgeously you.

Your deep eyes, framed in wrinkles,

Smile wrinkles, of course.

The way your lower lip protrudes sometimes,

Your laugh, sort of husky,

Warm and distinguished,

And the crease in your forehead,

I like that too.

The gentle smile,

The gentle man.

I write this to you,


To say that I miss you, and always will.

Basil Rathbone’s got a secret

Basil appeared on the game show “I’ve Got a Secret” on Christmas Day, 1952, although I really had no idea of this until about half an hour ago when I found it on I showed it to my brother and he loved it maybe even more than I did. let me give you a hint of how funny it was… Basil’s secret was that he was wearing long red flannels… 😉 some of those awkward expressions from Basil… priceless!

check it out now at