Vincent Van Gogh – Make Someone’s Story a Good One


I know this is fiction, but I think that this is so, so important. In “real life” Vincent never got to hear someone say that he was one of the greatest men who ever lived. But we have that opportunity, perhaps even responsibility, now, in our own lives, today, tomorrow, and every day, to tell people how important they are to us. Maybe we won’t say they’re one of the greatest people who ever lived (but who knows, maybe they are), but we can say other things which might impact them equally, or even more. “Small” things, “big” things, you never can actually know how “big” something might be to someone else, even if it seemed “small” to you. “You look nice today,” might be just what that person with an eating disorder or self image issues needs to boost their confidence enough for them to have the first really good day they’ve had in weeks. “That food you cooked last night was really good!” might be the very words of encouragement that exhausted mom needs to help her get through a tough time with her kids, or even her husband. “Thank you,” might be the exact phrase that young man, middle aged man, or old man who served his country needed to hear on a day he was really struggling with his PTSD. “I love you,” might be the sentiment that saves a friend or family member from hurting themselves when they go home at night and feel alone again. “I miss you.” “You did a good job.” “You’re hair looks great today.” They’ve so small, but they can mean so much. Sometimes, of course, there are big things we need to tell people too. Go to your mom, thank her for everything she’s done for you. Let those who have impacted you know how important they are to you. Don’t take any moment that you’re with someone you love for granted. If you think they’re great, tell them. If you love them, let them know. If you’re thankful for them, show it.
Maybe, if Vincent had heard these words in real life things would have changed for him, maybe, like in this episode, they wouldn’t have. But you never know. And even if you can’t save someone’s life, you can chance someone’s life. And let me tell you, if you loose someone, and you never tried to tell them these things, you’ll never know how you might have helped them. I’m not saying you should look back at “all the things you should have said.” That can tear a person apart. What I’m saying is this, take all the energy you have left over from the things, the love, that you have for people who are gone, and give it to the people who are right in front of you. Maybe you know them well, maybe you hardly know them at all. This man never knew Vincent Van Gogh heard a word he said. But you never, ever know what kind of impact you can have in someone’s life. “We’re all a story in the end.” And you can help make someone else’s “a good one.”

College Life According to the 12th Doctor

Seeing all the couples around the campus

seeing all the couples around the campus

Trying to make new friends

trying to make new friends

Whenever there’s ice cream at the cafeteria

whenever there's ice cream at the rot

When your professor starts moving on to quickly

when your professor starts moving to quickly

Writing a research paper

writing a research paper

When a cute guy/girl talks about trying to find a girl/boyfriend at college

when a cute guy talks about trying to find a girlfriend at college

When people come into your room without knocking

when people come into your room without knocking

Trying to get to bed whenever everyone else is still awake

trying to get to bed whenever everyone else is still awake

All the boys who give hugs without asking

all the boys who give hugs without asking

Trying to be a good student while your friends don’t do any of their homework until an hour before the due date

trying to be a good student while your friends don't do any of their homework

When your professor goes overtime

when your professor goes overtime

Having a crush on that guy/girl you pass everyday on the way to class but never speak to

having a crush on that guy you pass everyday on the way to class but never speak to

Wanting to do fun things but also trying to save money

wanting to do fun things but also trying to save money

When the professor asks a question that he says is important to know for the test but you don’t know the answer to it

when the professor asks a question that he says is importent to know for the test and you don't know the answer to it

Trying to psych yourself up before a test

trying to psych yourself up before a test

Leaving the classroom after taking a test

leaving the classroom after taking a test

Checking your grades and getting a better one then you expected

checking your grades and getting a better one then you expected

Listening to your professor’s lecture in your last class on Friday

listening to your professor's lecture in your last class on friday

Midterms/finals week

finals week

Bad Dog!

Unbounded Domesticity

Today I’m going to talk about those silly little critters called people. Surprised you, didn’t I? You thought I was going to talk about dogs. Sorry. Nope : ) Don’t even have a dog. But if you looked at this post hoping to read about dogs, keep reading. It’s a good post.

Anyway, I’ve had a bit of a thought brewing in my mind which, like many of my thoughts, spawned from annoyance with a common human characteristic: what is it, I ask, with people and underdogs?

Allow me to qualify my question. People have a natural attraction to glory, honor, and accomplishment. That’s because people are meant to love God, and there is no greater epicenter of glory, honor, and accomplishment than the Godhead. I understand why people revel when long odds are overcome. But if you look closely at the underdog infatuation, I believe you will discover something…

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Rich in Mercy.

A wonderful post from my cousin.

Sarah's Journey to Greece

As I sit here reflecting on God’s grace and mercy I am blown away. I go to shake my head in disbelief at the thought that He would love a repeated sinner like me… but He does, and my head must stop its shaking and believe.

This week I was able to share my story of God’s grace in my life these past 21 years. In brief: He saved me from hell, but He went beyond that act of love to save me from myself. At 312076_429878070386768_1119691228_none point I chose a path for my life that was a fool’s path – one of heartache, depression, broken promises, deceit, and false dreams. It was even leading me to physical death. But God, who is rich in mercy, reached down into my tiny life and saved me. He wrapped His loving arm around my gasping heart and calmed it. Thank you Jesus!

So now…

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Isn’t my brother just the best guy ever? “Yes, you are jealous. Admit it. Too bad, [He’s] mine.] Best. [Brother.] Ever.”

Unbounded Domesticity

My wife pretty much rocks the world.

Yesterday we had some steak for Memorial Day (just so you know, the steak was given to us, we’re too poor to buy steak ; ). She wanted to marinade it. Good idea. How was she going to marinade it? No idea. She was just going to make something up. So she did.

So after they soaked for awhile, she cooked them up in a panini maker. The result was the best steak I have ever had. Cooked in a panini maker. After marinating in a marinade my wife just made up. Off the top of her head.

After dinner my wife gnawed on the bones.

Yes, you are jealous. Admit it. Too bad, she’s mine.

Best. Wife. Ever.

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Since I posted this a little while ago I wanted to give you all a little update. 🙂

My sister was wonderful to me and sent my letter to Paul on his Facebook page for me since I don’t have Facebook.
Guess what she showed me a few days later when she checked her email?tumblr_inline_n4uk0xjJzq1sanqow

He actually replied back! I honestly never expected that! It made me so very, very happy! I think I’m going to print this out and put it on my wall. 🙂
Honestly, there are few things happier then knowing that someone who is famous and who you look up to actually knows you exist.

Broken Rainbows

Unbounded Domesticity

I really would rather not do this. Up to now, this blog has been a largely pleasurable experience. I may have made people mad, but no one has responded with anger in the comments section. I’m afraid that, today, I’m going to cross the line. I’m going to speak out against homosexuality.
Please try not to be upset. Please try to think clearly about what I have to say. Please don’t assume I hate gay people. I don’t. I love gay people so much! I feel so, so bad for the way they are caught in eternally destructive behavior. I feel bad for liars, thieves, murderers, and adulterers. I feel bad for a lot of people. I wish they would be saved and be happy. But I know they are not.
I wish I had gay acquaintances. I want to meet a gay person, tell them about Jesus, and…

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