Best. Day. Ever.

This past Saturday was, very possibly, the very best day of my entire life. Saturday was the date of my long planed graduation/graduation party. It was amazing. So many people came. I was simply stunned. It was astonishing to see the overwhelming amount of people who care about me, who love me! It was just one person after the other coming up and hugging me and telling me they loved me and were proud of me and congratulations… I was overwhelmed, but in a very good way. One elderly lady in particular, who has practically been like a member of my family, was so nice in coming! I was amazed really because I never thought she’d be able to make it because it’s hard for her to get around now-a-days. She gave me this super snazzy black, flowered wallet (which totally out classes me) but I love it and am going to use it the rest of my life! My sister gave me Frozen, which made me such a very happy person! And I got so many other nice things! (Like a Captain America action figure! Do my friends know me, or what?) People were wonderful! I also got more cards then I think I’ve ever opened before! Haha, it was so fun!
But oh! Speaking of gifts, I must tell you about this most amazing thing that happened to me. Wow, I never, ever, ever in my life would I have expected this to happen! After my mom and dad gave me my diploma (and said such nice things, thanks mom and dad!) my brother came up and started into a little speech/talk kinda thing. I was very confused. He started off by saying he’d run into an old friend of mine the other day, mentioning “he and Moritz.” (So first off, I don’t really have any “he” old friends, and Moritz!? Well, if you know anything about Basil Rathbone you can see why I was confused.) He continued on to say “he” and Moritz had told him to pass on to me their congratulations, and that “he” told him to tell me “he” thought I was “a remarkable woman” (something you won’t get unless you’ve listened to Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes radio programs.) If you can see where he was going (lots of references to Basil Rathbone,) you can see why I was extremely confused. He continued to say that “he” said some other very nice things (mainly about me and my intentions on going to Hollywood), and then, at the end, my brother said “he” had given him a little note to pass on to me, in honor of my graduation, and to mark this very exciting time in my life. My brother reached down into a box that was sitting beside him and pulled out a large, framed picture, under which (also in the frame) was scrawled in that well known handwriting (well, at least well know to me) “With Best Wishes, Basil Rathbone.” Needless to say I was entirely overwhelmed with joy, burst into tears, and hugged my dear brother very tightly. My brother eventually explained to me that several people had chipped in on buying me this signed picture of Basil Rathbone, and each had written down a little note to go with it. It was really one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had! I am so unbelievably happy! It currently hangs proudly on my wall, and is keeping me up at night because I can’t stop staring at it. But I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all.
After my graduation party was over, we invited family and a few friends to stay for pizza (oh my gosh so much pizza. I think we got a little over zealous in how much we ordered. We’re going to have left overs for a week.) After we ate my aunt and uncle and two cousins and sister-in-law and brother and I sat down to play Epic Duels. (It’s an awesome Star Wars game.) After a while my aunt and uncle and one cousin had to leave, so we continued the game without them. I was Obi-Wan, my brother was Yoda, my sister-in-law was the Emperor, and my other cousin was Boba Fett. It was a hard game, but I actually won it (the first time I’ve ever won Epic Dues!!!!!!!) and I was very happy. After that we watched Frozen, which was awesome. When it was over it was 12:30 and time to go to bed. Yes, it was a very, very, very good day. (I love you, brother mine!)


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