Since I can’t find any sort of contact information for him, I am just going to put this here… I have to put it somewhere, just to show him how grateful I am.

Dear Mr. Byrom,

                My name is Rebekah, and I’m 18 years old. Several months ago a good friend of mine introduced me to Celtic Thunder. I think I got through their entire YouTube channel in about two days. 🙂 Immediately you were my favorite member of the group. I love that operatic sound in your voice. As soon as I learned that you were no longer a member of Celtic Thunder I began to search around for your singles. I enjoyed them just as much, or perhaps even more, then listening to you in a group. I hope someday to be able to see one of your concerts. I love the passion with which you sing.

                On March 14th I was listening to some of my favorite Celtic Thunder songs when I learned of the death of George Donaldson. I’m sort of embarrassed to admit, that even though I had only been a fan for a few months, I cried off and on for that entire evening and the next day. I still sometimes cry when I think about it. For some time I could not listen to any of the Celtic Thunder songs. During this time I listened to a great deal of your music. I would close my eyes and force myself to focus entirely on your voice and forget everything around me. It was very therapeutic.  I can safely say it was your singing which got me through, and is still getting my through, mourning the loss of Mr. Donaldson. I want to thank you so much for that, even though I know you could have no idea it was doing so. I know it may seem odd to you that I am writing this to thank you, but your music meant so much to me and helped me so greatly, I had to tell you how thankful I am.

                May God bless you in every way,


*edit* I have since found out that I can contact Mr. Byrom on his Facebook page. I can only hope now that he will see it.


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  1. Oh, Rebekah . . . don’t ever become so “grown up” that you pretend not to be sad. It’s hard for you, but the world needs people to be sad when bad things happen. Courage, dear heart.

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