Actors who can sing

Have you ever noticed how a huge number of people who can act can also sing? Sometimes it seems like certain people get all the talent, you know what I mean? 🙂

Let’s start with Ewan McGregor. This man’s voice is so smooth. I really love it. I will give you my two personal favorites. (one which features Gwyneth Paltrow singing too)

Robert Downey Jr. I mean really, who knew? He sounds professional! He actually made a CD.

John Barrowman. I admit I’m not all that surprised. he looks like a singer.

Jim Caviezel. He is also very good. I never would have guessed. : )

Martin Short. I mean really, that guy does have everything. He’s a good actor, he’s funny, and he can sing!

Robert Carlyle. He definitely doesn’t sing in the style that I’m particularly fond of, but still, he’s really good if you like that country sound. He can also play the guitar, which is really quite lovely. (I honestly can’t tell half what he says, so don’t blame me if there’s something bad in the song, ok. 😀 )

Leonard Nimoy. He definitely has a very unique style, but still, he’s pretty darn good.

Angela Lansbury. She did many different songs, but my personal favorite is this one.

Julie Andrews. She, of course, is a perfect example of someone who can act and sing.

Jeremy Brett. He, again, had a very unique style, but i like it quite a bit.

Andy Griffith. He’s really quite good. And like Carlyle, he plays the guitar too, which is awesome.

Nigel Bruce. You would never really guess it, but he’s fantastic. Unfortunately the only recording of him I could find you have to skip to about 51:20 to see him sing.

David Tennant. He may not be super good, but I like his voice.

And then of course there is Bing Crosby, but he’s rather a singer who can act.

Well, that’s all I have time for today. I’m sure there are lots more I’ve missed, but I hope you enjoy all the same. : )


2 thoughts on “Actors who can sing

  1. Many of the actors you’ve listed started out in musical theater, and have extensive experience on Broadway and/or the West End, long before they became famous from movies and TV. Hugh Jackman is another actor who falls in to this category.

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