That Moment…

When Robin Hood steals a magic wand from Rumpelstiltskin (who got it after killing Cinderella’s fairy godmother) and Belle saves his life by convincing Rumpel (who doubles as The Beast) that he still has good in his heart.tumblr_inline_mua41rleUP1rvd5iyWhen I first saw how Once Upon a Time mixed and matched all the different fairy tails and myths and legends I was liketumblr_mu42ce1zBK1rp4laxo6_250 But then as I kept watching I was liketumblr_mnohg5VhTX1qd6v0do3_250And as I keep seeing it happen as the show progressed all I can think is reallytumblr_mqnkn3mSCL1s21q4zo1_250And now I love it!clap


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