Happy Poirot News

So I have known for some time that Hugh Fraser, Pauline Moran, and Phillip Jackson would all be returning to the Poirot universe once more for The Big Four, which makes me really HAPPY, of course!jim

But then the other day, while I was trying to see if there were any promo photos or trailers out for The Big Four, I discovered something not only absolutely amazing, but incredibly exciting.


Allow me to illustrate my feelings with a few well chosen gifs…

First I was like:

billThen I was like:oh yeahAnd:yayAnd now I’m like:tumblr_mhvp0dSvv61r0y40yo1_400Every single time I think about it!

Oh my gosh! This is going to be so awesome!leonard wink


2 thoughts on “Happy Poirot News

  1. This entire blog post makes me all kinds of happy (especially the gifs). Though it’s sad to know that after these last few episodes, there will not be any more forthcoming, it’s still a extraordinarily happy feeling to know that David Suchet has achieved a first for an actor (I think) – he has portrayed Hercule Poirot in every story Agatha Christie wrote (as Suchet had participated in a reading of “Black Coffee” in full Poirot form, that counts, even though it was not filmed, which is a shame that it wasn’t).

    I can’t wait to see these episodes (and as I live in the USA, I know full well that it’ll be at least six months to a year after these episodes air in the UK before they ever reach American PBS stations. Nevertheless, I shall convey a (non-gif) w00t to this news!

    • It makes me glad to year that you are happy! that is the point of this blog. Yes, it is kind of sad to think this is the end, and actually I’m not sure that I will be able to watch Curtain… but I am extremely glad that Mr. Suchet has finished them all!

      I also live in the USA, so I will have to wait for some time as well.

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