Everything I have I owe to Basil Rathbone


brathbone172OK, so maybe not everything, but the passion which currently controls my course in life I owe entirely to him. And I’d say that’s enough to thank him for.

It was about three and a half years ago when I discovered Basil Rathbone. I’d read my first Sherlock Holmes book earlier that year, and wanted to draw him, so I Googled “pictures of Sherlock Holmes,” and I saw many pictures of Basil Rathbone a la Sherlock Holmes. Right then and there I became enraptured with him. I got some SH movies for Christmas a month later, two of which were Basil’s films. From there, I got the rest of his SH films from the library. He was, and always will be, my favorite Sherlock Holmes incarnation. Before long it wasn’t just his Holmes that I liked, but the man himself. I began to draw him, I printed out his picture and put it in my diary, I memorized the poem he wrote, and read his quotes and snippets from his autobiography. I Googled him to find every possible scrap of information I could – it was great! But then an odd feeling came, something I had not anticipated – of all things, I began to miss him. How can one miss a person they have never actually met? I don’t know, but somehow, it happened. It was then that I would lay in bed and cry at night sometimes – mostly because I’d not been able to ever share the gospel of Jesus Christ with him. I felt guilty because of it, of all stupid things. Honestly, it was really quite horrible – but it was the start of a passion. Now, up to that point, I had wanted to be a dog trainer, but somehow, I admit I’m not really sure how, that passion began to fade, and in its place came a passion for the lost souls in Hollywood. It hurt, not only emotionally, but physically sometimes, and I kind of hated it, but it didn’t go away, and I don’t think it ever will.

So thanks, Basil, I owe it all to you. You put me through a lot of pain and sorrow, but now that I’ve worked things out in my heart and mind, I look back and see that you have given me something I don’t think anyone else ever could have. Not only have you given me countless hours of fun, yes, and a few heartaches, but you’ve instilled in me a passion – a passion for the unsaved in Hollywood – I know what I want to do with my life now. I couldn’t tell you – there’s no way I could have – but since I can’t, I’ll just tell someone else.

If I could, I’d like to say thanks to you, but I guess I can’t, so that’s why I wrote this…

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