…Errol Flynn… bah!

I was sitting with my laptop’s desktop up (a photo of Basil Rathbone from Captain Blood) and I was just about to go back to typing, when my friend Mr. Jeff came sauntering by and, seeing my desktop, exclaimed “Errol Flynn!!!” in passing.

“Not Errol Flynn!” I growled. “Basil Rathbone!!! Basil Rathbone’s better than Errol Flynn!!!!” I cried after him.

He made little to no reaction… just like a man…tumblr_mav631zv0B1rvd5iy

To mistake Basil Rathbone for Errol Flynn! How DARE he! The utter HORROR of it!jhUninformed people!tumblr_lwjyzw0luN1r50nwho1_250You drive me so nuts!!tumblr_mmfzgyAB0L1rmk2iso4_r2_250

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