Person of Interest Season 2 Finale

Wow…what a season…number one faintOh my gosh…writers – cruel sense of humourFinch and Grace and Nathan and Reese and Carter and…and…crying spock 1

All the flashbacks with Nathan, and – and the bomb…and then Grace thinking he was dead… and Finch asking the Machine if it knew about Nathan… and then Reese seeing the photo of Jessica… and the poor dude who was in the room where the machine was and then got shot…I need a hug…tearsYou know, I’ve never wanted someone on a TV show to die as much as I want Root to die. I celebrated when Shaw shot her but then – SHE DIDN’T DIE!! I was like – so stupidShe should have DIED! (hehe…I feel so mercenary now…*blushes*)

I actually didn’t know that Reese and Shaw were so close behind Finch and Root, and when Root pulled a gun on Finch and I was honestly afraid that he was going to get shot – I almost panicked. Actually, it was when they first walked into that empty room where the Machine was supposed to be that I said to myself – start

My shoulders were so tense at the end of that episode…

Oh yeah, and might I mention the summer hiatus!im fine

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