Happy Birthday Ronald Howard

When most of you think of Ronald Howard you probably think of Ron Howard, Opie Taylor, or some of the famous films that Ron Howard has directed. But that’s not the man I’m talking about. I’m talking about the little-known British actor Ronald Howard, son of Leslie Howard, to whom, you can see, he bore a striking resemblance. image5image4

I know Ronald Howard best for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.tve8278-19541018-1029

Howard’s characterization is very much of its times – the 50’s. It’s amusing, funny, cute, and not very serious – but somehow, he is still in my top five of Holmes actors.tumblr_mjqxff8aLy1qhogc2o1_500

But anyway, this is my post to celebrate his birthday, may he rest in peace.


As a side note, my fellow Person of Interest fans, I would like to take half a moment to say – WHY ANOTHER 3 WEEK HIATUS!?!?!? I cannot take this again!!



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ronald Howard

  1. You are officially my new favorite blogger because of this post. I own this series on DVD, you can buy it at Target for just 5.00 and it is the best five bucks I have ever spent.

    Ronald Howard is in my top five favorite actors to portray the character. I also love Marion Crawford and Archie Duncan as Watson and Lestrade respectively.

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