Random things today!!

I couldn’t think of anything to blog about today, sooo…. I’m just blogging about a couple little random things I’ve been wanting to blog for a while. 😀

1) So I saw this gif… all I could think of was me and my big brother.my and my big brother

2) Oh, and some news for all of my fellow Sherlock fans… I’ve finally joined a ship! LESTROLLY FOREVER!! C’mon guys, welcome me!joined the ship3) My aunt and cousin said they thought that Duck Dynasty wasn’t any good….get out

Hehe… except I was in their house when they said it… 🙂

4) I watched Doctor Who for the fist time…whoa!Can I say I understand the attraction now?

5) Oh yeah, and Sherlock season 3 has been filming for some time now and the existence of Mary Mosrstan has been confirmed!!!!!clapping

6) A new episode of Person of Interest is airing this week!!


7) Did you know that if you watch too many Hercule Poirot movies you will inevitably start straightening other people’s mantles? It’s true… I do it myself… and when they catch you it’s just…awkward...

8) When I was taking the trash out today I saw the first ant of spring…3I squashed it…4

9) And last but not least, I would just like to mention again how much I adore Basil Rathbone.basil

Anyway, enough of that, I hope you all had a great Resurrection Sunday, and I pray you have a good week too!I'm out

2 thoughts on “Random things today!!

  1. had to comment!! I LOVE the cat gif!!!!! loveeee it!
    and am i that cousin u were talking about?
    lastly, i think it’s funny that the scarf in the last picture hits the bushes ^_^ there’s my comment. love you cousin!

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