ME appreciation post

This is my post to appreciate ME… no, not me, MEmichael emersonYeah, that’s right, that ME, Michael Emerson.

The one who’s famous for playing serial killers on several shows…killerBenjamin Linus from LOST…benAnd my personal favorite and his current wonderful role, Mr. Finch from Person of Interest…dont mind meWhile he is not my very favorite actor, he is definitely in the top five.

I think my favorite thing about ME has to be his beautiful relationship with his wife, Carrie. I have only seen a few marriages as wonderful as theirs, and it is really a great thing! Not to mention that they are entirely cute together! 😀me-cp

And really, how can you not love that face? No really, please tell me I’m not only one who sees the resemblance between him and a mixed-breed puppy in the pet shop window.

huggableIf I ever meet Mr. Emerson he’d better be prepared for an…attack hugThis picture may be my favorite of him… I don’t know for sure, because I like them all, but…tumblr_mi3amryNdF1r0laizo1_1280All I can say about this is…tumblr_mjye6oVhDu1s7acrmo2_500Alright, enough of this silliness! 😀02

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