Sad news…

So, I had something of an internet tragedy today. I discovered that somehow I lost ALL of the pictures I ever used on this blog and everything has to be redone, which is bad because I don’t still have most of those pictures. Maybe it was my fault, or the computer’s or maybe Finch hacked me, but somehow it happened.

Sadly, now I have to go back and delete most of my previous posts. So what I’m trying to say here is that I’ll be re-posting a few things, and most of my previous posts are gone….so I’m basically making a new blog on here…

Yeah, and I’m none to happy about all this, of course…tumblr_mjkrccc9y11s81gjjo1_1280d

I think it’ll all be alright, kinda fun turning over a new leaf, but….but….it’s just so saaaaaad!!!!


Sigh… sniffle

I need a hug…need a hug

3 thoughts on “Sad news…

  1. Ahh! That would be super disappointing cousin….. :/ i like ur “new leaf” perspective!!
    ps… do u know what episode that last pic of finch is on? I’d love to see it and dont think i have!!
    love you!

    • Thanks, hun, you make me feel a little better!
      You mean the picture of Finch with the rain? That was from “Proteus,” where Finch nearly DIED!!! D: It almost gave me a heart attack! šŸ™‚

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