The multifarious talent and gorgeousness of Basil Rathbone

To borrow a phrase from NeveR, creator of The Great Baz , I would like to take a moment to sit back and appreciate the multifarious talent and gorgeousness of Basil Rathbone.

I mean really, what’s not to like?thegreatbazBasil seemed, as far as I can tell, to be a lovely person in every way. I have not heard a bad thing said about him. He seems to have been kind, gentle, gracious, giving, funny, clever, long suffering, charming, loving, gentlemanly, and romantic, but Basil was no sissy. I remember reading sometime, somewhere, something along the lines of a young lady actress who had worked with him saying she’d never seen him get angry, but she had a great respect, almost like holy fear, of ever crossing his line of tolerance, which by all accounts, seemed to be far more lenient than most.

And what about his amazing physical characteristics?rathbone

I mean, will you look at that profile?basil-rathboneSometimes, when I’m in a silly mood, I like to joke with my mom about how God decided to be nice to all us ladies and make Basil the perfect man. 😉 Or at least perfect for me, until I get a husband! 😀basil-rathbone_o

I recently read about a play that Basil was in, called J.B., which was a “modernization” of the Book of Job. Basil, at first, played the character of Mr. Zuss (“God,”) but eventually moved to the roll of Nikolas (Satan.) I simply cannot decide whether Basil would be better at playing Satan or “God”…god


Or Satan?

He has the right “glory” and power in his voice to play God, his poise, his regal air, and the splendor of his person also lead me to thinking he’d be really good, but I also think he’d do a smashing job playing Satan – his ability to look so cruel and evil, yet somehow you are still attracted to him, and, again, his voice would be good for the part. I just don’t know. What do you think?

Well, enough of that. One last Basil gif, for all your viewing pleasure! 😀basil-rathbone-o

Sigh… there’s nothing like a flirty old man… 😀

Goodbye all!smiley

 P.S. Might I also add my reaction upon hearing the news that Philip Jackson, Pauline Moran, and Hugh Fraser will ALL be returning for The Big Four, AND that Sherlock season 3 has started filming?whaat

 happy benny

 emerson joker laugh

Yeah, can I just say that my little fangirl soul is slightly starved? 😉

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