…I knew it!


Some time ago, when my fandom of our dear Basil Rathbone had just started, my brother, who was taking some sort of religion class in college, showed me THIS in his one textbook.(Saint Basil the Great was a real person! check it out!)

And then, not long ago, I was at Longwood Gardens, and I nearly fainted when I saw THIS – !I’d always known it – BUT THIS PROVES IT! 😉

So now I’m gonna move on to a couple gifs of The Baz, cause Basil always deserves some gifs, right!? (all by me!)
This is from a game show The Baz was in in 1952, waving at two ladies on the panel… oh, Basil, you unashamed little flirt you! 😀 (PINKY RING!)

So, I’m not the only one who adored this scene in The Pursuit to Algiers, right!? (um, Basil, I think your lady charmer is showing a little! What my family and I like to call – Puttin’ on the Baz!)

Death stare a la Basil Rathbone! Whoopee! (to borrow the old cliche, if looks could kill, I’d be dead right now! 🙂 )

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