Top five!

My top five favorite actors! (not necessarily entirely in order) I just didn’t feel like thinking today!

Number 1. Basil Rathbone, hands down! He’s classy, romantic, handsome, aristocratic, charismatic… and occasionally utterly ridiculous!

Number 2. Michael Emerson! Funny, quirky, unique, and ADORABLE, sometimes utterly creepy and sometimes a teddy bear!

Number 3. Leonard Nimoy! Good-looking, intriguing, charming, amusing, touching, extremely talented, and THE BEST SPOCK EVER!

Number 4. Benedict Cumberbatch! Enigmatic, convincing, trendy, attractive, amusing, and sports a really fantastic smile!

5. Hugh Fraser! Sweet, gentlemanly, affable, cute, dapper, and my mon ami, Captain Arthur Hastings!

Now for a random update on my feelings about POI being postponed because of the Vice Presidential Debate…


WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT A STUPID OLD VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE!!!!!??? Well…some people do.Perhaps for good reason.

Time to kiss the well-being of my emotions goodbye for another week!

3 thoughts on “Top five!

    • You’d like my family – my brother and dad are almost as much Baz Chicks as me my sister and my mom!
      Go ahead and use the description of you want, just give me the credit for it, please.
      By the way, I LOVE your blog!

      • Thanks on both counts! I think I’d adore our family. Can I move in? I have Baz movies on my hard drive 🙂

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