Bad Code

Alright, so it’s time for my little review of Bad Code, the second episode of Person of Interest’s second season.

I LOVED IT! Need I say more? YES!

This was a great episode, introducing more fully our hero’s new “arch-enemy,” Root,  a brilliant, outwardly “nice,” and entirely creepy psychopath, like a twisted version of Mr. Finch, and scarily like consulting-criminal James Moriarty on Sherlock.


She’s bored with common people, what she calls “bad code,” and thinks she finds a sort of “kindred spirit” in Mr. Finch. Finch, on the other hand, is disgusted, and terrified, by her. I felt so bad for Mr. Finch.

And good heavens, what they put him through this episode! First off, he was forced to watch some guy get tortured, (after which he is very disturbed) then Root leaves the room, and he helps the guy escape, and the guy asks him all sorts of questions about The Machine, then Root comes back, the guy beats Root up (all the while Finch telling him to stop) and the guy turns, with Root’s gun, to shoot Finch. Now, at this moment my feelings are already fried, but that! It was too much! Then he actually pulled the trigger. My heart hit the floor and went through the ceiling at the same time! To my great relief, the gun WASN’T loaded, and Root had set the whole thing up to show Finch how bad this guy was and how they should join forces…. Finch wasn’t convinced. By this point Root found out that Reese was on her trail, so she drugged Finch (who still managed to leave a message for Reese) and they went off to the train station.





My heart was in my throat.

Then, Reese found the message and went after them. He, with a little help from Finch, found them in the station, and Root, true to her word that if Finch tried to get free, people would be hurt, pulled out her gun and aimed it at somebody. In a rush of running Reese and screaming people, Finch jumped out of his wheelchair and into Root, knocking her off balance and causing her to shoot, at we know not what! Then came this moment, as Root ran away.

Fortunately for my heart, Mr. Finch was not hit, and I was nearly jumping for joy as it seemed everything was going to work out!!!!!! Then Root called again…


Now, to mention just this, Reese had some great moments too, like these…




My reaction at the end of the episode…


But anyway, I guess you can see that I liked it a great deal. Kudo’s to POI season 2!





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