My life is complete

You will never believe what awesome thing happened to me yesterday! We had gone to Roots Market, you see, and we were finishing up our trip in a pawnshop type place. I was getting bored, actually, and I was thinking of trying to round up the rest of the family so we might leave. Then my eyes were caught by the records. I don’t even have a record player, but I love records anyway, so I began to check them out – never guessing what glorious thing I would find betwixt odd albums of old bands and Elvis. I was about a third through when I nearly fell over in exhilarated shock. This is what I saw.

I felt my heart jump and I literally wavered at the sight of this! I bought this needless to say! I am sooooooo happy! I can’t wait till I go somewhere that has a record player!

Here is the back.

If you zoom in close enough you can read some really neat stuff on the back! Sorry it’s crooked.

…sigh…my life is complete…

4 thoughts on “My life is complete

  1. WAIT! I was going to volunteer my record player!! haha! Oh Rebekah – I am SO happy for you. I can imagine that was QUITE a find!!!!!

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