Happy Birthday Edward Hardwicke

To the Gentle Man

Edward, name of kings, lords, and gentry.

It means happy, or prosperous, and guard.

So perfect for you.

You were always the light of the screen,

So peacefully passive, joyful, and glad.

Your Watson was the guard of your Holmes,

You seemed the guard of your close friend, Jeremy.

I watch the screen in front of me,

You are not the one most eyes are drawn to first,

But mine are.

Your hews are so soft, your poise, so calm.

Gentle, clear, rounded,

Gorgeously you.

Your deep eyes, framed in wrinkles,

Smile wrinkles, of course.

The way your lower lip protrudes sometimes,

Your laugh, sort of husky,

Warm and distinguished,

And the crease in your forehead,

I like that too.

The gentle smile,

The gentle man.

I write this to you,


To say that I miss you, and always will.

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