“Praise ye him…”

Psalms 148:3 “Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light.”

                In this verse the sun, moon, and stars are specifically encouraged to praise God, and of course, He is worthy of all praise, but maybe we Christians are a little too ready to dismiss this verse as simply figurative.

               Based on discoveries by Isaac Newton, who was a creationist, a science has been created that studies the sound waves of the sun. Scientists who study these sound waves, with the help of computers, have actually found that the sun rings like a bell! And that the sun has so many frequencies that there are a couple million sounds ringing all at the same time!

                Truly the sun is praising the Lord! Scientists also know that the earth makes the same sort of sounds, and so does the moon, but each has their own song! So next time you read a verse like Psalm 148:3 don’t just scuff it off as figurative, because the sun, moon, and earth all have their own song of praise to God. Isn’t it time you join in…?


(Base of article from Letting God Create Your Day: The Sun Praises its Creator page 37, by Paul A. Bartz)

One thought on ““Praise ye him…”

  1. Wow thank you for sharing!! It’s great to know the science behind the verse! U know….. one night I found myself doubting God – then I looked up and saw the stars…… u know what? I thought to myself something like ‘hey! if i don’t give God glory and His rightful place in my heart – the stars still will! How silly to doubt. He’s real. Period. And He doesn’t needddd me to praise Him.’ It was just a neat little thing God showed me.

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